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We give you a better outlook on life!

CEO of Judphil Counsult 
Founder of Purpose Hub ( An online coaching platform for human development & Purposeful living ) and Chief servant at Judah Ministries (outreach & evangelism group.)

We are a professional body aimed at providing solutions to your risk & Insurance related issues.
“We give you a better view of risk & Insurance”

“Transforming and Touching Lives”

We share insights that transforms your thinking and overall outlook to life using biblical principles.

We help you in your self discovery process and assist you make meaningful use of your God given abilities.

We initiate talks that impact lives positively, promote human development and equip you into living a purpose driven life.

About Me

Philary Kafui

[ Risk Advisory and Insurance Consultant| Transformational Speaker| Author| Life Coach & Mentor| Purposeful Conversationalist]


Philary Kafui is a young woman passionate about using her knowledge, skills, competencies and God given potentials to influence lives and make positive impacts on humanity.


Growing up with challenges of self discovery has sparked in her the passion to help young people and others into discovering their Purpose and making great use of their God given abilities.

Why Life Coaching and Consulting?

Fulfilling Potential

Making Chances

Finding Balance

Being Happy

Being Successful



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